Interactive kiosks and digital signage solutions are changing the consumer experience at its core. Digital signage is being deployed in a variety of settings and is changing the way that information is shared and how users interact with an organization.

At Peerless-AV, we offer a range of kiosk and digital signage options to suit all settings – complementing corporate, retail, and even zoos and aquariums. And, each application is unique to benefit both the consumer and the organization.

As our solutions are continually advancing, we took a look at the different sectors that are flourishing with the implementation of interactive digital signage.



In a recent blog, our team reviewed how brands were using interactive digital signage to expand their marketing message. While interactive displays can be helpful and increase efficiency in certain settings, they can also be used for fun! This type of interaction allows a brand to become a living experience, beyond simply a brand name.

One of our favorite examples of entertaining interactive tech was our race car simulator at ISE 2017. Visitors to our booth were able to take a seat in a model racecar, in front of our LED mounting solutions, and simulate a race.



Another major benefit to implementing interactive digital signage solutions is its ability to provide point-to-point navigation and wayfinding. In another recent blog, we shared Peerless-AV’s case study with a D.C.-based government facility, and how Peerless-AV’s Landscape Kiosk Enclosure (KIL555-S) helped visitors to navigate the 12 floors and 8,000 rooms that made up the agency’s building.



As the holiday season approaches, retailers will be pressed to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Kiosks in retail locations can offer customer service support for users to search inventory and self-check out. New large-scale displays are also being implemented to help customers see how clothing will look on them. 84″ displays now allow users to check out clothing on life-size models that appear nearly 3D on 4K screens.

Interactive digital signage also offers retailers reduced operational costs. While static signage needs to be continually printed, hung, and taken down again and again, digital signage can instantly be changed to reflect new sales, promotions, and changes in inventory.

While digital signage can also be used to generate revenue through advertising, the main benefit is the personalized guest services that can be offered.


Have you seen interactive digital signage being used in other settings? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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