Interactive digital signage is becoming a popular tool for brands to expand their marketing messaging beyond words, and make it into an experience. While there are many helpful interactive displays, like retail kiosks to help users check out or look up items, there are also a lot of fun and memorable interactive displays that are merely for the experience, which in turn increases brand recognition.

Storm Chasers in New York City

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be stuck inside a tornado in a major city, like New York? To promote the season premiere of the Discovery Chanel show, Storm Chasers, an interactive display was set up using real-time background subtraction, multilayer video compositing, special sensing, facial recognition, and high-powered fans to bring a storm to life. Passersby were able to take part in a storm-like experience, and see what it would look like if they were caught in a tornado in NYC. You can see a video of the project here:

“Monkey Face”

Seen at DSE 2015, the brand Emoji World set up a display using facial-recognition that would swap a person’s face/head with that of an orangutan, kitten, or Homer Simpson. Are you more likely to remember a brand’s message, that they are a mobile app for emojis, or remember the experience of having your face swapped with monkey? I rest my case.

Digital Signage Today has more information on the display – keep an eye out for Peerless-AV’s Pico Broadcaster, as it was also shared in the roundup:

Racing to the Finish – ISE 2017

Celebrating our passion for the Daytona International Speedway, visitors to the Peerless-AV booth at ISE 2017 were able to take a test-drive with our race car simulator. Drivers were able to take a seat in our model racecar in front of our LED mounting solutions and drive to the finish!

Virtual Fetch with Fido

When you’re traveling for work or out with friends, you can miss your dog. We know the feeling; there are a lot of dog-lovers at Peerless-AV. Purina Beneful, a popular dog food brand, installed interactive digital displays in Columbus Circle in NYC, where users could play fetch with a virtual dog, using gesture-based technology! You can see more on the project here:


Have you seen any awesome interactive digital signage lately? Let us know below!

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