As you may be aware, we attend A LOT of trade shows, with our most recent being InfoComm. Each year our booth traffic grows, which is in a large part due to the efforts made by our marketing and trade show teams through their preparation and planning for each show, which always leads to large success for Peerless-AV.

Along the way, our team has garnered the know-how to produce stellar results. Interested in learning how we make each show so impactful? Check out the tips our team shared below.

Have the Exhibitor Kit Handy

The Exhibitor Kit/Manual is an essential tool for keeping track of deadlines and placing orders. Typically, the first few pages contain the “Deadlines Checklist.” Keep this handy to reference all important deadlines for Furnishings, Booth Services & Utilities, Overhead Rigging, and more. Although many orders can be placed online (the preferred method in today’s world!), the Exhibitor Kit contains all forms in a PDF format, in case you want to fill out manually or print for your records. Additionally, when planning your orders, be aware of the Early Discount Deadlines – they can really pay off! It’s always possible to make changes afterward if needed, so submit what you can in time for the discount.

Be in Constant Communication

Coordinating a trade show requires cooperation and support from almost every department – from Product Management and Customer Care to Shipping and Accounting. With that said, it is critical that your communication with each department is regular and crystal clear. That means clearly communicating ship dates, product lists, updates to any changes, and details about the show. Making sure all parties are aware of these details ensures a smooth transition into setup at the show. And don’t forget – communication should also include those parties outside of your organization as well, including the Show Contractor and your Exhibit House. Communication is key before, during, and after the show!

Keep a Running Checklist

One thing that the trade show team here at Peerless-AV finds extremely helpful is keeping a running checklist of everything that needs to go to the show. Whether it’s a standard product from inventory or the box of literature & giveaways for the front desk, it helps to have everything itemized so it can be accounted for when shipping. While the checklist will seem to grow and grow the closer you get to the show, it’s a good thing because it means nothing will get left behind!

Have any tips and tricks of your own? Share in the comments below.

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