Does it feel like this summer got away from you? Me, too! But, there’s still time to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather, and if you’re looking to implement new outdoor AV, now’s the time to do it! Looking for guidance? The Peerless-AV team is here to help you design a comprehensive plan that is both functional and attractive, and to select the appropriate audio visual solutions.

Tips & Tricks: Creating the Ultimate Outdoor AV Experience

Must-Have Features for Outdoor Products

There are a variety of obstacles to overcome when integrating outdoors. The most crucial obstacles to overcome include:

  • Height of mounted video display
  • Using the correct
    • IP rated devices
    • Cabling for outdoors
    • Outdoor rated mounts
  • Budgets



Wiring and placement are the first things one needs to consider when installing multiple speakers throughout an area. Will the speakers run in mono or stereo? If the speakers run in stereo, be sure to alternate left and right to create the best stereo imaging.

Further, selecting the appropriate placement for the display is crucial. Do not mount a display close to fire pits, grills, or other heat sources. They must also be a safe distance away from pools, hot tubs, spas, and other water sources.


Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings

IP ratings indicate a product’s ability to withstand elements—the number one feature you need to analyze when considering displays for outdoor use. The first digit indicates protection against solids while the second indicates protection against liquids. For example, an IP55 Rating means the TV is protected from dust ingress and low-pressure water jets from any direction.





Why is sunlight readability so important? The sun is lower in the sky at different times of the year, which can affect the end-users’ viewing experience. A high TNI panel ensures there are no isotropic blackouts or limitations on where you can mount and view. Additionally, IPS technology provides high luminance, readability, and 178° of viewing angles.


Outdoor Mount Features

Outdoor Mount Features

There are many AV options on the market, and knowing what to look for can help you towards achieving the ultimate outdoor entertainment area. Do you have any questions about building a comprehensive design plan and selecting AV solutions for outdoor use? Comment below!


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