Smart City Kiosk

Smart City KioskWe are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our award-winning outdoor digital signage line: the Smart City Kiosk (KOP2549-XHB, KOP2555-XHB).

Featuring an aesthetically-pleasing, elegant, and minimalistic design, the kiosk is designed to be modern, approachable, practical, and endure the rigors of everyday use when unattended. The new all weather-rated solution is ideal for sharing community information, travel, and weather details, as well as wayfinding, advertising, entertainment, and more.

The Smart City Kiosk includes an Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display with full HD1080p resolution for a bright crisp picture, even in direct sunlight. Therefore, there is no additional layer between the display and enclosure. It is fully sealed and requires no air conditioners or fans. For superb protection, its sealed media storage features filter and cooling fans to prevent the ingress of dust and water. An optional 10-point IR touch overlay can make the kiosk interactive for all users.

Available in 49″, 55″, and soon 65”, the Smart City Kiosk offers dependable operation and can withstand winds up to 140 mph. Its standard design is easily deployable and ready to ship. Further, installation is easy, without the need for cranes or forklifts. Plus, integration services are offered by Peerless-AV if needed. Maintenance is a breeze as the Smart City Kiosk offers quick access to the display without disturbing any adjacent units.

Its curved, modular design seamlessly blends into any set-up, with the ability for further customization with paint colors for the legs, roof, and base, leg design shape, touch overlay, camera, and more. With a robust feature set, easy set-up and maintenance, and customization options, the Smart City Kiosk is ideal in any city or town for a range of applications, such as retail, government, corporate, hospitality, stadium, and university settings.

The new kiosk is available now through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and authorized distribution networks. To learn more about the Smart City Kiosk, please visit


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