Ready or not, it’s that time of year once again. As students head back to campus, we often sit back and reflect on our university years. And, wow have times changed. Anyone else remember giant clunky computers only hosting a black screen, with one yellowy font?

In the past, we’ve taken a look at the best college arenas and AV for the classroom, but with the impending school year fast approaching, we decided to check out what colleges nationwide are doing to enhance their campuses and move towards the future.

The Best AV/IT Integrations at US Colleges

Arizona State University’s Decision Center

The Decision Theater Network allows students to utilize the latest technology to facilitate dialogue, showcase data science, and visualize complex solutions to problems, providing prototypes for making decisions in the face of uncertainty.

It offers “large-format ultra-high-definition displays and on-site computer systems, tools, and personnel that can provide specialized geographic information systems (GIS), systems modeling, business intelligence, 3D spatial modeling, and simulation to multi-site collaboration technologies that combine video conferencing with screen sharing and custom decision support tools housed in ASU datacenters.”

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Clemson University’s Watt Family Innovation Center

The center’s classrooms were built with a keen focus on collaboration, with circular white board tables in addition to windows that can be closed and used as white boards so that problems can be worked through by hand and shared. Touch displays and software also allow instructors and students to connect and share the content on their screen with anyone or everyone in the room.

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The University of Charleston’s Innovation Center

The Wehrle Innovation Center was developed to provide students the opportunity to study entrepreneurship and engage in hands-on learning. Students can utilize a plethora of technology here, including a Fully-equipped MakerLab, Technology-infused Innovation Space, littleBits Circuitry Studio, Rapid Prototyping and 3-D Printing, Business Planning Software, iMac Design Studio, and much more.

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Duquesne University’s FlexTech Classrooms

FlexTech rooms are a new approach to learning, with student pods equipped with approximately six seats each, a computer monitor, additional ports for devices, and the ability to share content throughout the room. The focus here is collaboration! They also feature writeable glass top tables in addition to a large display for the instructor.

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Is your alma mater featured here? Or, have you worked on a university integration sure to impress? Tell us below!

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