Case Study Overview: Westin Bear Mountain Resort

LG Business Solutions, NovMega Digital Solutions, & Peerless-AV® Installed Largest Hospitality dvLED Video Wall in Canada

Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel located in Victoria, British Columbia. With aspirations of becoming the first 5-star Diamond Westin Hotel, the hotel had the idea to create a unique and visually stunning video wall display that would “reimagine the guest experience.”

Initial project planning started in April of 2020. The hotel wanted a flexible, all-encompassing solution that would allow for their ballroom to be used for golf tournaments, watching sports, as well as a backdrop for various events, such as weddings, corporate meetings, and more. Peerless-AV, in conjunction with NovMega Digital Solutions and LG Canada, created a dramatic dvLED video wall system that ran the entire length of the ballroom wall, measuring 63ft wide by 9 ft tall.

dvLED Video Wall Installed at Westin Bear Mountain Resort

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the team to implement both site and pandemic-related precautions. Setbacks, like construction delays, caused multiple obstacles in the installation process. For example, flooring and lighting in the ballroom were not completed before the installation which meant the team had to provide extra care and attention to protect the dvLED displays from dust and other harmful construction elements.

In March of 2021, a four man crew installed the dvLED video wall in just 10 days. During the installation, the team used scaffolding and long laser levels to conduct spot checks and accuracy.

Massive dvLED Video Wall

The final video wall exceeded the hotel’s expectations. President and CEO of Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa said, “It’s fantastic to see my vision come alive. I wanted to set a technology benchmark in the Canadian hospitality market whilst elevating the value add for guests and visitors. Not only do we have an amazing venue, but we also have the biggest video wall in Western Canada, and the ballroom has been booked up all through summer.”

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