The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Black Friday & Retail Digital Signage!

Although many consumers are aiming to shop online, Black Friday is still a major brick-and-mortar event, drawing in eager shoppers all over the country. With that kind of spending occurring, it is important that retailers are taking every step to ensure they provide shoppers with an experience that encourages and informs their in-store shopping journey.

From promoting excellent sale prices, to showcasing unique inventory, or offering rewards to customers – Capturing the attention of shoppers is no easy task. This is why we rounded up some of our tips for how retailers can obtain the highest ROI while utilizing digital signage!

Window Display Mount

Safety Comes First

Retailers must ensure that their digital signage is in top shape ahead of the high-traffic holiday shopping season. Consider ensuring that you have the right mount for your display, and conduct a thorough test before officially installing. Retailers should also look for mounts that are easily installed and repaired in the case of any unforeseen damage. Anticipate any issues that may arise, ensure your signage is in a safe, but key location, and test everything out before you enter the big shopping day! The safety of shoppers and employees, especially on Black Friday, must be paramount as stores are busier than usual.

Interactive Kiosk

Enhance Customer Experience

While customers are on the lookout for the biggest sales of the season, retailers need to take this opportunity to interact with their customers! Think back to the first time you ordered something on a touchscreen at a restaurant or store, or even interacted with an indoor map at a mall. Creating an interaction allows a customer to not only be a part of the experience, but also keeps your brand and products at top of mind.

Furthermore, customers on Black Friday won’t just be looking at your products, they will also be on their smartphones, checking to see if there are any better deals around town, or checking social media. Retailers need to capture customer’s attention while they are browsing various platforms. One way to do this is by integrating QR codes into digital signage that offers additional information on products or extra coupons. Retailers can also push advertisements to customers who login to their Wi-Fi, such as information regarding online sales. Kiosks are also a great way to allow customers to search products and store inventory based on their preferences. As long as their experience is relevant to your shop, it won’t be distracting!

Outdoor Digital Signage in Mall

Placement is Key

Choosing a location for your display may be the most important aspect of your digital signage around the holidays (and beyond!). For instance, take into consideration the foot traffic and patterns of consumers. The front entrance of the store is always a great place to put beautiful Black Friday signage. Even if a customer wasn’t planning on entering a store, the right digital signage can be enticing enough to draw new customers, or at least spark interest in the brand.

Holiday shopping can be stressful for retailers, but with the right digital signage, it can be one of the most rewarding and productive seasons of the year. What kind of retail signage do you have planned for the holidays? We’d love to hear from you!

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