It’s hard to believe summer flew by, school began, and we’re already nearing Halloween!

Before we hit that school year halfway point though, we wanted to take a look at some of the audiovisual technologies that offer endless possibilities by transforming the way students learn and interact.

You may have seen our post on the latest and greatest university technology, but we certainly haven’t forgotten our little ones! Check out some of the very best AV solutions by Peerless-AV that have been integrated in K-12 schools nationwide.


AV That Enhances Learning

Motorized Collaboration Cart

Our new and improved Motorized Collaboration Cart (SR598ML3) integrates the use of actuators, making it easy for educators to raise and lower displays. The cart seamlessly interacts with touch-enabled technology, fostering a participative environment that students can take part in.

The Motorized Collaboration Cart is ADA-compliant, offering display height adjustment up to 25.6″ with the touch of a button. For the utmost in safety, the cart is UL962 listed and features a safety limit function, which automatically reverses direction when a collision is detected in an upward, downward, or lateral force.

The cart also touts a six outlet, 2160 joule-rated surge suppressor, and a 15-foot pre-installed cord in the rear of the cart, as well as a large enclosure with plenty of space for small PCs, additional cables, and keyboards, and an opening for external Wi-Fi antenna. Despite the roomy enclosure, the base is designed to fit easily through doorways, so the cart can be used in multiple classrooms, while also including rubber bumpers to prevent damage to walls and doors.

Samsung Flip Solutions

Our Rotational Wall Mount (RMI3-FLIP) and Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface (SR560-FLIP) for the 55″ Samsung Flip display offer seamless touch interactions.

With these solutions, the Samsung Flip can be mounted on a wall or mobile cart, providing educators with the flexibility to best meet their needs. Once the display is mounted, its negative tilt and simple rotation features allow teachers to easily write or sketch in landscape or portrait orientation.

The rotational interface on both the wall mount and cart allows teachers to easily rotate the display 90° from landscape to portrait, and holds the display at a negative 4.5°, further promoting ergonomics with a more natural angled writing surface.

Featuring mobility, an appealing design, display height adjustment, and a pre-assembled base, the Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface ensures quick assembly, while providing a rigid, but attractive structure to match the display. The 4″ castors meet UL/CUL requirements and make it easy to move from classroom to classroom, ensuring nothing is damaged along the way.


PeerAir™ Wireless HD Multimedia System

The PeerAir™ Wireless HD Multimedia System (HDS-WHDI100) allows teachers to easily share content throughout schools. It removes the need to run multimedia wires, allowing for superior signal transmission.

A cost-effective, convenient solution, our enhanced PeerAir™ features a new metal case design in addition to 802.11n technology and external directional antennas, providing a reliable and robust signal that can penetrate multiple walls, floors, and ceilings to offer complete wireless coverage.

The PeerAir™ also allows for an easy plug and play installation as well as an IR extender for the receiver, ensuring a clean aesthetic where the receiver can be stored out of sight.

With the PeerAir™, FHD 1080p content can be streamed wirelessly, in multiple classrooms, up to 100 feet, allowing for multiple teachers to share content and lessons.


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