2020 Year in Review: Products Launched

2020 was definitely nothing like anything we have ever experienced before. However, Peerless-AV was still able to fill the year with brand-new product launches. Check out some of our highlights below!

SEAMLESS Kitted & Connect dvLED Mounting Systems

The SEAMLESS Kitted Dedicated dvLED Mounting Systems, and SEAMLESS Connect Series dvLED Mounting System for Absen Acclaim Plus and Pro Series launched in 2020! The new SEAMLESS Kitted and Connect Series Mounting Systems are designed exclusively for leading direct view LED display manufacturers, offering slim, space-saving, and aesthetically appealing designs for multiple configurations. These new mounts are part of our SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program.

86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV

Peerless-AV launched their 86″ UltraViewTM UHD Outdoor TV in April. The latest addition to our expanded line of all-season outdoor TVs for entertainment and living, the 86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV (UV862) provides 4K resolution and a brightness that is three times the average of indoor TVs.

65” Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display

Soon after the launch of the 86” UltraviewTM UHD Outdoor TV, we launched our 65″ XtremeTM High Bright Outdoor Display.  The 65” Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display includes cover glass that is optically bonded to cut down on glare and provide amazing picture quality, even in direct sunlight.

With an operating temperature range of -31°F to 140°F, Xtreme™ Displays are designed to thrive year-round outside in even the harshest of environments. Xtreme™ Displays are ideal digital signage solutions for airports, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and more!

Health Protocol Solutions

To help with public health and safety, Peerless-AV launched a variety of Health Protocol Solutions. The new products include an Occupancy Control Digital Signage Kiosk, three variations of Temperature Sensing Digital Signage Kiosks, as well as Temperature Sensor Tabletop and Floor Stand Mounts.

Health protocol solutions allow businesses to communicate and implement proper health standards in real time. These new solutions are made in the USA and available for immediate deployment in a variety of settings, such as corporate, retail, hospitality, education, transit, and more.

SmartMount® Solutions for Microsoft® Surface™ Hub 2S and 2X

We are pleased to be offering our newest generation of SmartMount® Solutions including the SmartMount® Cart (SR560-HUB2) and SmartMount® Flat Wall Mount (SF640-HUB2), both for use with the Microsoft® Surface™ Hub 2S and 2X.

The new SmartMount® Cart (SR560HUB2) carries a capacity of up to 65lbs, holds the display at Microsoft’s recommended viewing height (55″), and offers vertical adjustment so the display can be positioned at incremental heights 48″ to 60″ from the floor.

Designed as a permanent mounting solution, the SmartMount® Flat Wall Mount (SF640-HUB2) incorporates a circular design to perfectly match the rear of the Surface™ Hub. This design ensures direct access to the power and data connections, as well as complete access to the computing cartridge for easy removal and installation without interrupting the display.

We are so thankful that we were able to offer new products in this uncertain year, and can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for us!

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