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We are pleased to present the newest addition to our expanded line of all-season outdoor TVs for entertainment and living, the 86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV (UV862). Providing 4K resolution and a brightness that is three times the average of indoor TVs, the new 86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV provides an exceptional viewing experience for invigorating entertainment.

The 86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV delivers dependability year-round, operating at a temperature range of -22°F to 122°F. Aluminum construction materials provide the ultimate protection against various climates, corrosion, and discoloration. This new outdoor TV is equipped with a High TNI panel, which allows for direct sunlight readability without the risk of isotropic blackout, and internal speakers for providing excellent sound quality.

Our 86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV exclusively includes a dedicated Outdoor Flat Wall Mount to provide a secure installation. Other features and new improvements include an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness to best match the lighting conditions, and an IR extender input and IR repeater output for providing flexibility for integration with control systems.

We are excited for our 86″ UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TV to officially launch in May 2020! Visit our website to stay updated and learn more: https://ultraview.peerless-av.com/.

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