In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we are shining light on our product partnership with Blue Planet Energy, clean energy awareness leader and creator of super-high performance off-grid and microgrid battery solutions. The Blue Ion LXHV is a patent pending, premium grid-optional energy solution that brings together a wide range of sustainable energy options to power critical infrastructure and businesses in conjunction with, or independent from, the utility grid.

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As normal parts of everyday life depend on power, we have partnered with Blue Planet Energy to create an energy storage solution with a 21-year life expectancy, with the safest lithium-ion battery technology in the industry. Through a rugged, custom Peerless-AV enclosure and Blue Planet Energy’s sustainable battery and energy components, we have brought together premium technologies to provide hospitals, police stations, fire stations, businesses and more with clean energy on a daily basis, and reliable energy in dire scenarios, such as natural disasters and other emergency situations when the utility grid fails.

The Blue Ion LXHV grid-optional energy solution enclosure is built to withstand and thrive in the toughest situations possible while being equipped with the following:

  • Fire-safe battery chemistry
  • Built-in battery management system and an integrated site controller accessible via an industry-leading touchscreen on the enclosure or an app
  • Tunable cooling system
  • Eco-friendly reusable and washable air filter
  • Easy installation and serviceability features
    •  Industry’s first zero displacement door hinge
    •  Removable top service entrance

As resilience experts, Blue Planet Energy was one of the first companies on the ground in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria struck in 2017 and was hands-on in the rebuilding effort – installing utility grid-independent power systems for local communities’ water pumping stations and emergency shelters at local schools while at the same time training over 1,000 locals to install and maintain these systems.

We are proud to partner with a company like Blue Planet Energy and are eager to help spread their mission! Blue Planet Energy solutions are available in various locations around the world, with installations in California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico and beyond. To learn more, check out a video about the solution below.

How are you practicing energy efficiency on Earth Day 50? Let us know in the comments below!

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