Black Friday Shopping in 2020

Most years, we like to highlight the exciting digital signage that helps boost sales in malls and other retail locations, but this year Black Friday looks a little different for everyone.

Many states have implemented new measures for the safety of their residents. In most states (including our home in Illinois), occupancy rates for all storefronts have been significantly reduced.

While things look different, stores will still be open and having great sales this Black Friday. And this year, instead of enticing shoppers, digital displays’ main goal this year will be to help keep customers safe.

Luckily, solutions like our Health Protocol Solutions can provide customers and employees the information they need to make good decisions and keep themselves and their loved ones safe this holiday season.

Peerless-AV Temperature Sensing Digital Signage solutions (THR-300, THR-500) include thermal temperature software from 22Miles. The self-service, non-contact temperature screening system will alert individuals of heightened temperature status as they enter the premise, alleviating customer and staff concerns in retail environments.

Controlling the masses is the name of this game this year! With the Occupancy Control Kiosk (THR-600) businesses can utilize an integrated digital signage solution to regulate foot traffic at each point of entry, that also displaying dynamic digital messaging, such as rules, instructions, wait times, etc. This technology can help employees follow guidelines and can help customers make informed decisions.

We are happy to play our part in keeping everyone safe this Holiday season! Have a great holiday and happy shopping!

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