The Importance of Purchasing an Outdoor TV

The temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your summer days outdoors!

Whether it’s time with family or relaxing by the pool, decking out your home’s outdoor space to maximize entertainment value, comfort, and versatility is key. Adding an outdoor TV or AV system may be just what your home needs. Consider the below before making your purchase!

Should You Buy an Outdoor TV?

There are plenty of reasons to consider buying an outdoor TV. You might have a major Memorial Day or Fourth of July party planned, or want to use it for general entertaining like watching TV by the fire or enjoying sports games without missing out on time in the sun. Whatever the reason, outdoor TVs provide endless entertainment opportunities while surviving the elements of an outdoor environment.

Not everyone needs an outdoor TV. If you’re happy to do your movie watching, entertaining, and gaming indoors, then you’ll be just fine doing that. But if you want to enjoy a show in the backyard or entertain guests, you simply won’t be able to get away with putting an indoor TV outdoors. A well-equipped outdoor TV is what you need. Here are some more elements to consider:

Bad Weather & Standard Electronics Do Not Mix

Indoor TVs use plastic construction, rely on passive airflow for cooling, and have zero protection against moisture, temperature changes, or other hazards. Condensation adds up fast, wind gusts can be unpredictable, and anything like rain, snow, and dust can blow right past a covered deck or patio. This is exacerbated if you live near the ocean, as salt air can quickly damage and alter the quality of your TV. Additionally, TVs that are not all-weather will quickly overheat beyond safe operating temperatures on a hot day, even positioned in the shade, and will not keep warm in freezing temperatures.

Outdoor TVs, on the other hand, are fully equipped to withstand extreme conditions. They are built using full-metal enclosures and rust-resistant powder coat paint to elongate the TVs usage in the outdoor elements. Outdoor TVs are also designed for proper thermal management in outdoor environments, keeping the internals cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And every seam, screw hole, speaker grille, and gap on the TV exterior is either glued, caulked, or fitted with gaskets and filters to keep unwanted material out. The bottom line is that when it comes to TVs, anything that’s going to be used outside needs to be purpose-built for outdoor use.

Sealed Cable Entry

Brightness & UHD is Key

After narrowing down your outdoor TV options, it’s important to consider the brightness and definition of your outdoor TV. Many want the highest quality TV, however, remember that not all TVs can truly support a 4K resolution.

With so much natural light competing for attention, it’s important that the TV’s resolution and brightness is as crisp and clear as possible – And they do this with a combination of anti-glare coatings, specialized filters, higher-than-average screen brightness, and even automatic picture adjustments that adapt as the sun goes down.

Outdoor Smart TV

Know the Difference Between Waterproof & Water Resistant

Waterproof and water-resistant mean two very different things, and it’s important to understand and know the difference. A device that is waterproof means that it’s impervious to water and can even operate while submerged, whereas a device that is water resistant is able to resist water intrusion to some degree – but cannot be submerged.

There are a lot of acronyms and marketing terms being used to describe water protection, so be aware of the specs of the outdoor TVs you’re looking at, and ask questions if you are unsure. Keep in mind that a water-resistant TV can also be sprayed down with a hose, which you will undoubtedly be doing at least a few times a year, especially if you live in an area prone to dust.

Neptune™ Outdoor TV being rained on

The Ultimate Solution

Peerless-AV’s all-new Neptune™ Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TVs are an absolute must-have for any outdoor oasis. The new line of TVs are equipped with all-weather rated technology and 4K, UHD resolution for a crisp, clear picture and a more natural image. Moreover, the TV’s high dynamic range offers more contrast, resulting in deeper and richer colors, creating a more realistic picture while viewing. Available in 55”, 65” and 75” options, each TV comes with a free Outdoor Tilting Wall Mount ($199 USD value) that can be easily installed in any outdoor space – from backyards, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool areas, and more.

With maintenance-free construction, the Partial Sun Series can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and snow, as well as operate in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). Once installed, the integrated webOS software allows for easy access to hundreds of apps, so consumers can enjoy smart TV features and enhanced content from popular streaming services – What more could you ask for?

Watch the video below to learn more about the Neptune™ Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TVs by Peerless-AV!

Are you buying an outdoor TV for your home? Do you need help finding the right TV for your outdoor space? Let me know in the comments below!

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