Peerless-AV Celebrates International Museum Day 2022

In recognition of International Museum Day, The International Council of Museums celebrates “The Power of Museums” to honor how they provide the influence to discover our past, understand our history, and how we can use this power for positive change in our communities. 

This year, Peerless-AV looks back at a recent installation at the First Americans Museum of Oklahoma. This installation features a custom, complexly designed SEAMLESS mounting system to support a curved video wall to emulate a gathering space and help visitors understand American history through the stories of 39 Tribal Nations in Oklahoma.

Due to the challenging architectural aspects, the building plans of the entire museum had been 20 years in the making. Discussions of constructing a large, curved dvLED wall began in 2018, to be used as a gathering space at the center of the museum. Waystone LLC, an IT design consultancy, began designing this idea into reality with the help of Ford AV, a leading AV specialist, and long-time partner of Peerless-AV. During the collaboration of Ford AV and Absen, the company providing the dvLED displays, Peerless-AV was contracted to design and manufacture the massive mounting system to support the 4,200lb wall display.

This installation project began in May 2021 as Peerless-AV designed exclusive, compatible support for 192 Absen Acclaim 2.5mm dvLED panels, stretching across a 190.68” radius curved wall. The curvature of the wall posed a distinct challenge, but the team was meticulous about measurements, templates, and the use of a detailed CAD drawing to ensure a seamless installation. Fortunately, the adjustability of Peerless-AV’s mounting system was a key component in keeping the project on track. Peerless-AV also provided a custom trim kit to give the wall a clean appearance in its final form.

The museum was very pleased with the result of the uniquely designed mounts to support this digital backdrop and the hard work and dedication of the installation team. Due to the captivating physical form of the wall, the museum achieved their goal of creating the perfect visual for guests to be engaged and learn all the important, historical information the museum was excited to share.

For a more in-depth look at the award-winning installation at the First Americans Museum, check out our case study.

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