Every year Minor League Baseball teams across the U.S. push the boundaries of entertainment to create an experience unlike any other through the Minor League Baseball Innovators Summit. The MiLB Innovators Summit serves as a meeting place for all – MiLB teams, fans, and even partners like Peerless-AV – to come together and engage in discussions about sales, marketing, community relations, operations, video production, design, and more.

As the league’s “Official Digital Display Partner,” Peerless-AV was on-site at this year’s event to demonstrate a variety of AV solutions, including the UltraView™ UHD Outdoor TVs, SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart, and Outdoor Smart City Kiosk with an included Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display, as well as to learn more about the other creative solutions taking place in stadiums around the U.S.

This year’s program featured Minor League Baseball executives, as well as innovators from outside of sports and elsewhere in the sports industry. Peerless-AV’s Executive Vice President, Nick Belcore, had the honor of presenting and leading attendees through a presentation entitled “Game On: Integrating Outdoor Digital Signage into Stadiums and Arenas.” Focusing in on the ways in which digital signage can create an immersive stadium experience, Belcore discussed the emerging trends of bringing display technology outdoors in a stadium or arena setting, how to overcome the typical frustrations, and even touch on Peerless-AV’s plans to have its AV technology in 40 MiLB stadiums by 2020.

We loved connecting with our MiLB colleagues to learn more about how we can create immersive fan experiences in stadiums!

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