It’s hard to believe but another Digital Signage Expo has come and gone! We were glad to see so many familiar and new faces at this year’s event as well as to have the opportunity to share our newest technologies, like our Smart City Kiosk , Outdoor Digital Menu Boards, and All-in-One Kiosk powered by BrightSign®.

2019 is shaping up to be a really innovative time for digital signage and AV solutions. While at the show, we saw many displays demonstrating innovation in technology, ranging from LED design and color to embedded smart technologies for healthier screens.

As we look forward to a bright future, here are a few trends we spotted while on the floor at DSE that will be especially impactful in 2019 and beyond:

Being Creative with Digital Signage

There was a variety of creativity in the convention center this year, including our SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV® video wall program and our new Video Wall Configurator, a unique solution that delivers the pinnacle of aesthetically pleasing results.

While on the floor we also took note of other brands utilizing laser projectors, AI Facial Recognition, modular LED tiles, and more – all solutions that will allow customers to be even more imaginative in approaching their AV and digital signage needs.

Focusing in on Energy Efficiency and Healthy Outcomes

Across the board, efforts are being made to adapt older models and create new iterations that increase energy efficiency while also maintaining value. DSE 2019 included a heavy emphasis on optimization features like durability, energy consumption, and using high efficiency LEDs whenever possible in order to implement energy efficient solutions.

Similarly, DSE featured an interesting and important point about creating solutions that facilitate healthy outcomes for users, as well. As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that light from devices have on sleep patterns and long-term health, it’s important that digital signage manufacturers are making adjustments to solutions, with a strong focus on the health of users.

Creating Enhanced Personalization

Personalization has long been an important facet of DSE, but this year marked increased popularity in utilizing location-based consumer insights. Combining advanced software, IT, and  digital signage solutions, brands are able to have access to unique data-rich content and analytics.

Additionally, discussions about how to transform physical spaces into engaging areas were especially compelling as many attendees expressed interest in personalization for the user as well as their environment in order to create a fully immersive experience.

What was more interesting for you at DSE? Let us know in the comments below!

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