We are pleased to announce our showcase at the APTA EXPO in Atlanta from October 9-11.

Held every three years in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Annual Meeting, EXPO is public transit’s premier showcase of technology, products, and services.

Join us at Booth 6565 for our exhibition of innovative audiovisual and digital signage solutions ideal for transportation settings, such as the All-in-One Kiosk powered by BrightSign® (KIPICT555) and the Xtreme™ High Bright display (XB551).

Ideal for mass transit applications where sustainability and durability are key, we will be introducing our fully sealed Xtreme™ High Bright display. Equipped with a High TNI panel and 1500 nits minimum, the Xtreme™ High Bright display provides a bright, crisp picture, even in direct sunlight, while IPS panel technology provides color accuracy at every angle. The patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ system allows the display to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F.

For mission-critical applications such as transportation settings where a disruption in content streaming is highly problematic, the Xtreme™ High Bright display offers remote monitoring and control features to access the health and wellness of the display from anywhere. The Xtreme™ High Bright display also features a Quarter Wave Plate polarizer, which allows for landscape or portrait orientation. With M+ technology, the Xtreme™ High Bright display is energy efficient, as well, recouping transportation agencies approximately 35% in power and cost savings.

In addition to the new Xtreme™ High Bright display, we will also exhibit our All-in-One Kiosk powered by BrightSign®.

Featuring an elegant, sleek design with lean frames and a small footprint, and powered by a BrightSign Built-in Digital Signage Module, the All-in-One Kiosk offers a complete digital signage solution for any indoor mass transit application, such as rail stations, bus stations, and more. The kiosk features flawless Full HD 1080p60 video decoding, HTML support, networked content playback, and an abundance of other features, including interactivity, remote snapshot, and multi-zone.

With an integrated 55″ commercial LCD display offering six points of IR touch, the All-in-One Kiosk fully engages users, making it ideal for a variety of uses, such as wayfinding, scheduled maintenance, and emergency alerts.

Peerless-AV will be showcasing the XtremeHigh Bright display and All-in-One Kiosk at the 2017 APTA EXPO, October 9-11, 2017, at Booth 6565. For media appointments, please contact Beth Gard at bethg@lotus823.com.

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