For over 80 years, Peerless-AV® has proudly designed and manufactured the highest quality products, resulting in hundreds of meaningful and long-lasting relationships with customers, industry professionals, and more. A big part of our company’s success is our dedication to our core values of continuous innovation, quality manufacturing, exceptional customer service, and industry leadership. It is these values that have kept us at the forefront of innovation for 80 years. In celebration of this accomplishment, take a look at our rich history over the years.

Early Inventions

Peerless-AV first opened its doors in 1941, fabricating components for military equipment for World War II. Following the war, the company began its journey in the audio-video industry in 1965 – manufacturing the first TV wall mount in 1978. Now known as one of our most famous innovations, this mount was state-of-the-art for its time.

Fresh off this success, Peerless-AV began expanding its product line to include mounting hardware, television carts, and stands. Soon after, we launched the Jumbo 200 mount, followed by industry-first Plasma, LCD, and projector mount lines.

As industry needs have changed throughout the years, Peerless-AV quickly adapted and expanded its capabilities to stay ahead of trends by providing niche technology products such as the HD Flow™ and PeerAir™ Wireless AV System in the newly formed Emerging Technology group.

Dovetailing on this success, Peerless-AV strategically acquired outdoor TV manufacturer Cill™ Technologies in 2013, and launched our first fully-sealed commercial outdoor display line. The launch of our kiosk division followed which has accelerated into one of the largest high-volume custom kiosk suppliers in North America.

Current Innovations and Beyond

At Peerless-AV, we pride ourselves on our thorough customer service and dedication to providing the best experience for our customers. To ensure the best quality service from start to finish, we launched our SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program. Our SEAMLESS dvLED team consists of structural and mechanical engineers, product and project managers, installers, as well as sales and service personnel who are there every step of the installation process.

To address the change in consumer needs and behavior, Peerless-AV further expanded its outdoor TV/displays product category in 2020. In addition to our commercial high bright outdoor displays, we now provide outdoor TVs for the everyday consumer. Our most recent launch, the Neptune™ Shade Series Outdoor TVs, is the ultimate solution for outdoor entertaining and living. 

Neptune Shade Series Outdoor TVs

“2021 has been another great year for Peerless-AV in terms of achieving record business growth across the globe, as well as increasing the size of our global team and ensuring an uninterrupted, high level of customer service and fulfillment, all during a pandemic. We’re extremely proud of our accomplishments as a company over the past 80 years and we don’t intend to slow down; In fact, we’re only getting started, with so much to look forward to in collaboration with our channel and OEM partners.”

Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President, Peerless-AV

The last 80 years are a testament to our core values. As a company, we will continue to bring the highest quality products to market, with award-winning customer service and industry leadership.

Thank you to all of our customers and industry partners for your continued support – Cheers to 80 years!

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