Today is National Women’s Equality Day! To honor the day, Peerless-AV wanted to commemorate the importance of women in the AV field, and show appreciation to the wonderful women who make up our hardworking marketing team! They are the team behind the scenes to craft all the Peerless-AV content you see. Read below to see what being a woman in the AV industry means to them!

What does being a member of Peerless-AV mean to you?

“It’s a great opportunity to be in! Our company is evolving and introducing new technologies and partnerships, so we get to work behind the scenes on a lot of projects and its exciting getting to see these come to life.”

Yesenia Martinez, Marketing Brand Manager, US

“It means there are always opportunities to grow and learn from not just the company, but also the amazing people I get to work with on a daily basis.”

-Rachael Hinds, Content Marketing Manager, US

What excites you the most about being a woman of AV?

“I am excited at how much opportunity there is to strengthen the entire industry, not only by opening up the conversation, but by creating a more inclusive workforce. Organizations like the AVIXA women’s council are helping to shine a light on the need to be consciously aware of the need for diversity and the importance of STEM being modeled for as well as actively promoted to girls and young women.”

-Carrie Mckenzie-Bush, Director of Marketing, US

“What excites me the most about being a woman of AV is that we’re all kind of trail-blazers in a way since this is a very male dominated industry. I think it’s really inspiring to show other women that we’re present in this industry too, and I think over time we’ll see more and more women contributing to AV.”

– Alex Conidi, Marketing Communications Coordinator, US

What are your thoughts on the role of women in AV?

“I think that more women should be encouraged to work in the AV industry, particularly in engineering roles, however, AV is moving in the right direction and the opportunity is out there now more than ever.”

-Hannah Emery, Marketing Assistant, Europe

“The AV industry is currently considered to be fairly male dominated and, although this is improving, there is still a need to encourage and inspire more women to join, and stay, in the sector. For example, the Woman in AV (WAVE) group is driving a new free program in the UK that allows females working in the world of AV to gain new skills and confidence with the support of a carefully selected mentor. We need more programs like these to help women continue to grow in AV.”

-Beky Cann, Director of PR & Communications, Europe

Happy National Women’s Equality Day women all over the world, especially women in AV!

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