Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s time to show appreciation to all the special moms out there!  To honor our moms, we decided to share the best advice they’ve given us while growing up.

Here is our favorite words of wisdom, from mom, that we will never forget:


The number thing I learned from my mother was respect and equality, especially for women. She grew up during the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s, where many people had the “old boys club” mentality. As she was raising me, she set out to change the way men think, and I do have to say she was successful. I have seen the impact that this advice has had, especially around many male acquaintances/friends that clearly don’t give female counterparts their just due.  Thanks Mom! I know my wife and daughter truly appreciate it.


Mom always told me “Don’t play ball in the house.” While this may seem like a very simple lesson, I have used this as an analogy for success in both my personal and professional life.  I see this advice as “avoid putting yourself in bad situations that can lead to disastrous results.”  Thank you for that inspiration, mom.


All my live my mom told me to follow my dreams and this is exactly what I have done. She always pushed me to make choices in both my personal and professional life. This advice has led me to have a successful career and happy home life. This advice is being passed down to my children and I know if they follow it, they’ll live a happy life.


The best advice I received from my Mother was “Life is short, enjoy it!” She ensued this into me until her passing. This advice pushes me to work hard, play hard and spend as much time with my loved ones as I can.  It has now been almost 20 years since her passing and I still find myself thinking about her frequently, particularly on the holidays like Mother’s Day.  She had a fun spirit about her and I wish all three of my children would have gotten to know her.


Last but not least, my most cherished advice that my mom gave me is to “have compassion.”  My mother always told me to have compassion for everyone and with compassion, you can build long lasting relationships. She always said that everyone deals with difficult situations differently and all you can do is be there for them.


Tell us: What is the best advice you ever received from your mom?

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