Did you know our Customer Care Department recently won a Stellar Service Award for best customer service?  Their dedication to providing exceptional customer service was not developed overnight; it takes strategy, leadership, and lots of hard work to build such an outstanding team.  Keep reading for tips and tricks that our team works by that you can implement in your workplace to create a winning service team!


  1. Follow the Sundown Rule

Our goal is to provide customers and partners the solutions they need as soon as possible, but sometimes it takes a bit extra digging to find the answer we need.  We encourage our team to use the sundown rule – in the event that our teams need to follow up with additional troubleshooting; we want to be able to provide our customers and partners with answers by sundown.


  1. Total Understanding of System

Continual education is the key to ensuring our team is fully equipped with all the tools necessary to handle any situation that may arise. Processes are ever changing, and our team completes extensive training with every new procedure that is created to ensure complete knowledge of our products.


  1. Keep A Smile On Your Face while on the Phone

Tone of voice is very important. Our body language matches our tone and we encourage our team to maintain a smile while answering customer calls.



  1. By Email or Chat – Be Concise & to the Point

Avoid the extra fluff. We live at a time where we want our questions answered fast. Our team is trained to answer questions concisely, without making customers feel rushed.


  1. Customer First Attitude

Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for every day, and we base our training on our customers’ feedback and adjust as needed. We try to provide the same great service that we would like to receive in return.


Tell us: What tips do you recommend for creating an excellent customer experience? 

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