The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is one of the most watched spectacles in the world! Every year, in celebration of the beginning of the holiday season, the streets of New York are filled with floats, performers, and tons of impressive AV! As AV experts, we couldn’t help, but make note of the various AV offerings you will be sure to see!

Image Courtesy of Macy’s

The floats at the parade are always an exciting sight! From the lights to the displays, every float is unique and filled with examples of powerful AV. Be sure to check out all of the new floats for 2019, like the Coach float pictured above.

Image Courtesy of Just Jared

Aside from the movable pageantry, the musical acts, Broadway performances, and even television broadcasts of the parade also rely on numerous sources of AV, especially sound systems. Microphones, speakers, and more are a huge part of what makes the parade a success. This year’s performances are going to take the parade’s sound to the next level!

Are you watching the parade? Let us know what AV you are excited to see in this year’s parade!

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