2020 AV-Tech Waves of the Future

With the new year fast approaching (and a new decade), professional AV products are expected to evolve at a rapid pace. The demand for AV technology is growing and we are seeing a continued need to implement advanced products in various industries.

So, what is coming in 2020? Hear from some of our AV experts below with the key trends they anticipate seeing.

Brian McClimans, Vice President of Sales, Americas and APAC

Collaboration rooms and huddle spaces have been evolving at a rapid pace over the last year. In 2020, I anticipate this to remain a leading area for the pro AV market. I am consistently speaking with customers seeking solutions, like displays, cameras, and equipment for various rooms. At Peerless-AV we are addressing this growing market by repurposing our video wall mount as a new collaboration mounting solution to house the control systems behind displays. We are also seeing an uptick in our Direct View LED Video Wall integration program, SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV. Our SEAMLESS program has grown exponentially in 2019 and we’re expecting it to explode in 2020.

Megan Zeller, Business Development Director

I anticipate the role of dvLED in public spaces to grow exponentially. Hotels are seeing the value these displays offer and the engagement they garner from guests. By utilizing these solutions, businesses of all verticals are able to create a more memorable impression. I also expect to see more enhanced outdoor experiences. For example, when it comes to integration for hotels and resorts, they are making changes in both the guest room and public areas. Hoteliers are consistently trying to find ways for guests to spend as little time in their rooms as possible and more time on the property where they can enjoy the amenities and in turn, spend more money. In adding elements like dvLED video walls in the bar area or larger outdoor displays, like 80” and larger, hotels are able to further enhance the experience for guests. One of the major focus areas for 2020 will revolve around businesses’ needs to continuously improve upon technology integrations.

Rob Meiner, Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Digital signage and the strategy surrounding its implementation is one of the most effective tactics that a company can take in reaching its desired audience for the new year. More than simply pushing out ads, a strong digital signage presence must utilize a full content model in order to support your business strategy and meet key objectives. Whether it be corporate settings or a sports arena, proper implementation of personalized digital signage has the potential for huge business results. As can be seen, the ways in which digital signage can be utilized is endless and for companies to reap these benefits, we must focus on new creative applications as well as continued education surrounding current applications – this will help shape new advancements in the industry.

What current integration trends would you like to see Peerless-AV carry into 2020?

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