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Celebrating Digital Signage and the Return of


Football season is officially upon us! This means it’s also the perfect time to look at some of the stunning digital signage solutions that elevate the sporting event experience.

To kick off football season, here is a look at some digital display solutions. They can be integrated into football stadiums across the country.

Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs

Diehard fans know, leaving your seat to visit the concessions or pick up a souvenir happens at strategic times to avoid missing any action! However, the best games are the most unpredictable, and moving through a crowded stadium can be too. This is where Outdoor TVs come into play.

Outdoor TVs installed throughout stadiums can give fans an inside look at the field, share important messages, or simply keep the entertainment going while waiting for the perfect game-time snack. With all weather-rated solutions like the Neptune™ Partial Sun Outdoor Smart TVs from Peerless-AV, football fans can view high-resolution displays to entertain them throughout the stadium, even when out of their seats.

dvLED Video Walls

Digital scoreboards are a must to ensure football fans never miss a beat. Including a dvLED video wall in a scoreboard allows stadium goers a more entertaining viewing experience. Able to display not only the score but advertisements, replays, team history, or records, a digital scoreboard is a more elevated approach compared to static scoreboards.

Peerless-AV offers completely custom dvLED video wall systems that are perfect for large installations. With the SEAMLESS program, the team will offer start-to-finish installation support and custom design and manufacturing to create the perfect video wall system for every team!

Integrated Kiosks

Integrated kiosks

Integrated kiosks are the perfect digital solution for wayfinding, menus, advertising, and more! Digital displays allow for more adaptability. This can include a restaurant within the stadium that needs to make a menu change, or there are important announcements to share, digital kiosks make stadium signage easily adaptable and captivating. With outdoor rated kiosks from Peerless-AV, stadiums can ensure any digital signage is protected within a sleek enclosure for fans to view anywhere.

While going to a football game really is all about catching amazing plays from favorite teams in real life, the experience would not be the same without the help of digital signage to enhance the stadium experience!

Peerless-AV wishes all football fans a great start to the watch season!

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