We are pleased to announce the availability of our new Large Venue Projector Mount (PJR250)!

An extension to our projector mount product line, the PJR250 is designed to provide a quick, safe, and simple installation – making it the ideal solution in rental and staging settings where products in venues may frequently change. Best of all, our mounts support a wide range of projector brands, allowing integrators to use their preferred system.

Large Format Projector MountKey features include:

  • Low profile, pre-assembled design.
  • Simple Hook-and-Hang™ feature that allows for a quick and easy installation.
  • Dedicated adaptor plates that simplify adjustments and achieve the perfect balance when ceiling or flush mounting a projector.
    • The plates also eliminate the need to install legs..
  • Support for all major large venue projector brands.
  • Lockable horizontal adjustment up to 3″ as well as tilt (+15/-5°), roll (±5°), and swivel (360°) adjustment to ensure perfect image alignment.
  • Safety cable for assurance when handling and installing large projectors.
  • Integrated cable management, allowing the cables to be routed through the projector mount for a clean aesthetic.

For more information about our new mounts, please visit www.peerless-av.com/en-us/professional/products/PJR250.

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