Peerless-AV LED Video Wall Configurator

We are excited to announce our newest online solution for integrators, the LED Video Wall Configurator!

With this solution, users are being given a tool that streamlines the design of LED video walls, where they can obtain specifications, quotes, and support with the simple click of a button.

From stadiums to control rooms, retail, corporate, and more, our configurator eases integration planning for any application. This complements the start to finish support provided by our LED video wall integration program, SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV. Through this program and the new configurator, customers benefit from our dedicated team of experts along with high-quality custom solutions and the tools to simplify the whole process.

The new LED Video Wall Configurator allows users to simply and easily design an LED video wall and request a quote for a mount. When users are unsure of the video wall size needed, they can input room dimensions and explore different scenarios until they find the solution that meets their needs.

LED Video Wall Configurator Mounts

Then, they can continue through to request pricing, and all quotes will be stored for future reference. The configurator will also provide useful information such as mount weight, video wall power consumption, and video wall display resolution.

To best meet users’ needs, our configurator offers a variety of displays to choose from, not limiting options based on brand. If the display users seek is not listed, they can manually enter their display specifications and begin designing a configuration.

In addition to creating a configuration and requesting a quote, the user will be able to get a closer look at our offerings, increasing their education around the tools needed for the most superb installation.

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To learn more about our LED video wall integration program, SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV, please visit:


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