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Understand the Intricacies of Mounting dvLED


Recently, Peerless-AV’s dvLED expert and custom project specialist Megan Zeller sat down with Nick Smith of JB&A to discuss why the mounting solution should never be an afterthought when planning an installation. Read on to learn more about the importance of discussing any mounting solution with an expert to avoid delays or long-term issues, and where Megan sees dvLED solutions taking off next.

The Foundation

The mount is truly the foundation behind the display and the failure or success of a project rests on the decision you make. Bringing in a professional right at the beginning of a project, to talk about what works, what fits, and how we can prevent potential issues makes a key difference in the success of the installation. For example, there are so many environmental considerations such as vibration dampening, snow load, or seismic activity.

There are other location-specific factors including the installation’s vicinity to an elevator shaft or near a transit terminal. Is your installation located where there’s salt air or water? These are all foundational factors to consider when choosing the correct mounting solution for your needs, and where the professionals at Peerless-AV® are here to help.

Once the foundation is set, more in-depth planning can take place. At the start of any project, all parties must understand the use case. Oftentimes, this involves architectural drawings or a conception drawing of a new space. Megan reminds us to not get so focused on the dvLED display resolution and built-in technology that you bypass how you’re going to attach the display to the wall. At Peerless-AV, we know the intricacies of planning and executing custom dvLED video wall projects and the steps to ensure the mount delivers precision results.

Universal Mounting Solution

Where to Next?

One particular vertical that is taking off right now for dvLED solutions is transportation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing need for more unique, immersive environments in high-traffic areas such as airports and cruise liner terminals. Equipping these spaces with large-scale dvLED video walls brings a focal point to the location, offering the best experience and amenities, and transforming how businesses engage with people and influence their travel journeys.

We want to do everything we can to ensure a seamless installation every time, no matter the location or outside factors. Connect with us and we’ll ensure your project goes to plan with stellar results!

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