In this day and age, new information is expected to be available nearly instantaneously. With new FDA regulations, day-parting, updating menu boards, special promotions, and more, fresh communication to the customer is in constant demand for quick-service restaurants (QSRs). There is no doubt that digital signage is the answer.

Communicating digitally allows QSRs to quickly and easily change or tweak content while it’s live or relatively live. Digital signage, too, allows restaurants to communicate with customers in an even more engaging and stimulating manner than ever before.

Fortunately for QSRs, there are a multitude of ways to implement digital signage solutions to display entertainment, menu options, and nutrition information. From on-wall kiosks to customer-facing, self-ordering kiosks to outdoor drive-thru solutions, digital signage can enhance the customer experience in any type of quick-service setting.


Digital Signage Benefits

In addition to making the customer more informed, digital signage has many benefits for QSR owners, particularly when compared to the static signage used in a large portion of restaurants today.

Flexibility: QSRs are continuously updating content; therefore they need an option that will allow flexibility, like digital signage. Promotional items and menu content (new items, prices, sold-out items, calorie counts, etc.) can be quickly changed. Additionally, day-parting will no longer be a concern as the breakfast menu can be easily switched to the lunch menu from a computer.

Increase in sales: Animated menu content is more eye-catching and engaging than static signage, which further entices customers to make additional purchases.

Decrease in operational costs: No longer will a restaurant need to regularly pay to update the signage due to wear and tear, updates on the menu items, nutritional details, promos, etc.


Staying ahead of the technology curve and improving a QSR’s signage offers an opportunity to meet customers’ needs and improve both engagement and profits, results that any QSR is bound to reap the benefits from.


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