What do Peerless-AV and National Roller Coaster Day have in common? Digital Signage! Amusement parks are some of the most popular places on earth, with U.S. amusement parks visited by more than 375 million guests annually! Of course, the more the merrier, but with crowds so large how can amusement parks still keep guests excited as they wait in long lines?

Digital signage is a solution that many amusement parks have been taking advantage of to pass the time and solve problems faced while at theme parks. While there are many ways that digital signage can be incorporated into amusement parks, here are our favorites!

How much longer?! Wait time information, content, and ads

The best part about incorporating digital signage in a ride line is the ability to reach a captive audience! Make the hour wait fun through different content used on digital signs throughout the line. Content can include anything from quizzes to cartoons related to the amusement you are waiting for. Advertisements for other shops or rides in the park can encourage visitors to check out the other attractions. If you are utilizing digital signage throughout a ride line, you can also update signage at different points in the line to reflect the estimated wait time – everything is customizable so build as you wish!

Out and About – Outdoor Capabilities

Of course while being outside provides many options for digital signage and content, it is imperative to make sure that signage works properly and can withstand any elements it may come into contact with. Proper displays, like our Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays, are a great solution as they are all weather rated, maintenance-free and have an operating temperature range of -31°F to 140°F!

Create an Experience before the ride begins!

All rides have a theme so why not build upon that experience by implementing digital content on multiple displays incorporated within the ride? Digital signage can be used to simulate an experience, for example, or prepare guests for the loops and drops of the ride they are about to embark on!

We want to know – have you seen any creative uses for digital signage in your favorite amusement park?

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