Very Scary AV Installs – Part 3

Happy Friday the 13th!  Are you the superstitious type?

Those who note the date may be keeping an eye out for black cats and fragile mirrors. Or, perhaps indulging in a scary movie.

What’s an integrator’s version of Friday the 13th? These very scary AV fails!

1. Well, hope you don’t plan to use the fan. 









2. Perhaps one of our ceiling mounts may have worked better—but what do we know?













3. Look out below! Seriously though, thankfully no one was injured.













4. Well, the effort was there but apparently the budget wasn’t.













5. Perfect! Just connect the green wire…













6. Chain looks sturdy…













7. Anxious yet?













8. Cute.










9. Now, that’s seamless alignment.

Source: Commercial Integrator









 10. Aiming for a clean, wireless look? You got it.









11. And, just for fun.











Have you encountered your very own AV nightmare? We would love to hear about it!


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