Versatility is such an important quality, for both people and products alike! The ability to adapt to different functions and situations can make for an irreplaceable solution – which is why we are so pleased to announce the launch of our new ADA-compliant, vertical lift carts!

Cost-effective, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, these new carts will offer a mobile solution for interactive displays – an excellent addition to any corporate or education setting. With height adjustments available at the touch of a finger, this cart can transform on the fly to fit your needs.

As opposed to purchasing multiple displays for each room, schools and businesses can now order one display and create a mobile solution that can be used in various settings as needed, saving both time and money. The cart’s highly mobile solution uses 4″ lockable casters, corner bumpers to prevent damage to walls and doors, integrated handles to help maneuver the cart, and an extension cord wrap for fast deployment.

Key benefits of the new carts include:

  • Height adjustment up to 15.75″ (400mm) with the touch of a finger
  • Intuitive and zero maintenance design
  • Lockable rear enclosure for storage of a PC, power supply, and cabling
  • Capacity to add an external Wi-Fi antenna
  • Compliance with ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Section 308
  • Accommodation for displays ranging from 90.2 to 209 lbs.
  • UL rating for safety assurance, passing tip, load and drag testing


The new line of vertical lift carts is available now through a Peerless-AV direct sales representative or an authorized distributor.


To learn more, please visit the product page – click here


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