Peerless-AV’s 2023 Highlights

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s a moment for our team to pause and acknowledge the remarkable achievements and milestones that have marked this year. From groundbreaking product innovations and new installations to industry awards, 2023 has been a year to remember.

Join us as we highlight and celebrate these key moments that have shaped our past year!

New Innovations

Our team introduced several new and updated products this year. We did so while actively ensuring adaptability to ever-changing consumer needs and spearheading innovative discoveries.

Peerless-AV launched an exciting new line-up of cutting-edge, next-generation Smart City Kiosks. These state-of-the-art kiosks are available as single-sided or dual-sided, and seamlessly integrate into the urban landscapes. Equipped with full HD1080p resolution 55″ Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays, and the option to add a 10-point IR touch overlay, these kiosks offer interactive interfaces for users.

Smart City Kiosk

The Smart City Kiosks provide real-time information updates, serving as hubs for public services, local events, and emergency notifications. The all-weather-rated design ensures durability and weather resistance, guaranteeing high-resolution functionality even in harsh environments. With features like contactless payment options and accessibility tools, Peerless-AV’s Smart City Kiosks redefine the urban experience by promoting connectivity, convenience, and community engagement.

The SEAMLESS Universal Kitted Series Mounting System was also launched earlier this year at InfoComm 2023. Redefining the standard for versatility and ease of installation, this universal mounting solution offers a seamless fit for various latching dvLED displays, providing unmatched flexibility for different environments. Featuring a space-saving design, the DS-LEDUNV is custom-built to exact video wall specifications and scaled to each unique configuration.

Universal dvLED Mounting System

Its advanced features include x, y, and z-axis adjustments for overcoming uneven walls and maintaining a flat surface. The lightweight aluminum frame facilitates quick and easy installations with the help of an installer-friendly wall template, and quick-connect clamps to attach displays for a hassle-free installation. Its robust construction guarantees durability, while integrated cable management enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of any dvLED video wall setup.


Throughout 2023, Peerless-AV has been actively engaged in a collaborative effort with POP Media Technology (POP MT) to execute a series of dvLED video wall installations at Monterrey International Airport in Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico. Leveraging the support of several tailor-made SEAMLESS Bespoke Mounting Systems to support each video wall, these installations are part of an extensive multi-year renovation project aimed at transforming the airport into a contemporary and internationally connected hub.

Monterrey International Airport

The deployment of 29 video walls across several areas such as taxi zones, main entrances, boarding gates, and check-in halls highlights the commitment to delivering an elevated and immersive experience for travelers within the evolving landscape of airport design and technology in 2023.

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2023 Awards

Aside from the additions to Peerless-AV’s product portfolio, some of these innovations were also recognized for awards throughout the year.

In 2023, Peerless-AV celebrated the following award wins:

SVC’s InfoComm Best of Show Award

SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System was named an award-winning product at InfoComm 2023

rAVe [PUBS] InfoComm Best of Show Award

SEAMLESS Kitted Series Universal dvLED Mounting System named as a Best New Display Mount at InfoComm 2023

As we conclude this chapter, all of us at Peerless-AV express gratitude for the support and partnership opportunities in 2023. We eagerly anticipate the potential for innovation and challenges that the coming year will bring. Here’s to continued innovation, impactful installations, and a future filled with success!

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