Peerless-AV® Tips & Tricks: What to Look for When Choosing Installation Partners

Have you decided it’s time to upgrade your organization’s current digital signage with direct view LED (dvLED) displays? Whether you’re looking to create the dvLED video wall of your dreams or upgrade your business’s existing set-up, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when picking an installation partner for dvLED video wall systems.

With over 80 years of audio visual experience, our dedicated SEAMLESS dvLED Solutions Team has assisted in the most complex design and technology integration challenges. From the level of service to a proven track record, we shared the top tips we’ve collected over the years below.

Things to Consider in the Initial Steps

The first thing to consider in any dvLED video wall installation is the intended use of the display. What type of content will your organization showcase and how does this content impact the overall user experience? These factors are used to determine the type of display and mount your business will need, as well as determine the overall size of the project.

Next, your organization should conduct a cost-benefit analysis. As dvLED video wall installations can be quite expensive, it’s important to consider things such as the sufficiency of the existing power infrastructure, cost of interruption, downtime, maintenance, and the removal of existing equipment to ensure your business is staying within its allocated budget.

Factors to Consider in an Install Partner

Choosing a reputable installation partner that will help your business throughout the entire installation process is key. If your organization has never taken on a project like this before, we recommend talking to your peers and relying on their expertise and recommendations. If an installer is simply looking to sell you a product and is not inquisitive about your overall project, they might not be the right person for you.

Look for installers that provide service, such as assistance with installation and post-installation, as well as provide managed services and warranties. A reputable installer will support your business every step of the way during installation and should have a proven, successful track record.

The one thing your business should avoid? An installer with the lowest price, as oftentimes a drastically low price can equate to low-quality work.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Install Process

The installation process is an exciting, yet challenging course. Before starting, it is important to establish a realistic installation and delivery timeline. dvLED displays are extremely delicate, so in order to have a successful installation, proper planning and precise measurements are required.

As most dvLED projects require custom video wall mounts with unique display configurations, having the mount and display manufacturer on-site will help your organization avoid or solve any unforeseen or last-minute hiccups during the installation process.

Are you ready to elevate your organization’s set-up with dvLED video wall technology? Our professional installation team is here to help. Get in contact with our SEAMLESS dvLED Solutions Team today!

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