March 20th marks the International Day of Happiness and the Peerless-AV team wanted to reflect on which make Peerless-AV solutions make us happiest! From delivering quality products to offering complete solutions, we are always keeping pace with the constant changes in AV technology and unique digital signage. Check out a few of our excellent designs that make us happy to be a part of the innovation!

SEAMLESS LED Wall Integration

With over 75 years of audio visual experience, our commitment to the creation of cutting-edge technology and standard-setting solutions has elevated us to the status of the industry’s most innovative leader. Our dedicated SEAMLESS LED Solutions Team sets the bar for high quality design, while achieving the pinnacle of aesthetic results. Our dynamic group of LED professionals include structural and mechanical engineers, product managers, project managers, installers, as well as sales and service personnel. The entire Peerless-AV LED Solutions Team is there every step of the way to ensure every customer receives SEAMLESS product support & service.

Outdoor Durability

The durability of our outdoor displays is a strong (no pun intended!) reason we love what we do! There has never been an outdoor daylight readable display built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements like the Peerless-AV Xtreme™ High Bright.

Featuring a fully sealed, IP68 Rated design and a patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer™ System, Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are maintenance-free, with no fans, vents or filters, and are fully protected against water, dust, moisture, and even insects. The display’s cover glass is optically bonded, which increases the perceived contrast ratio and cuts down on glare, providing amazing picture quality even in direct sunlight.

Interactive Displays

Our SmartMount® Motorized Height Adjustable Tabletop Cart was designed to get the most out of an interactive display. The motorized cart creates an ADA compliant solution by allowing a display to be raised to the appropriate height, based on the specific user, with just a touch of a button. A secondary actuator allows the tilt of the display to be adjusted from vertical to completely horizontal. This allows the interactive display to be used in a standard viewing position, drafting table position, or tabletop position – the opportunities are endless.

Which digital signage solution is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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