We are excited to announce that Peerless-AV is now the Official Display Partner of Minor League Baseball (MiLB). This strategic partnership will give our organization the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of our display technology while helping to boost fan engagement within MiLB parks. 

In case you don’t know much about the sport, there are more than 250 professional minor league baseball teams throughout the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. Last year, over 40 million fans visited nearly 160 MiLB-affiliated ballparks for some fun, family-friendly entertainment.

Since 1901, the MiLB governing body has continuously looked for ways to engage fans over the years. In July of 2018, the organization decided to partner with ISM Connect to launch the Allegiant Airline Network in its parks. MiLB Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer David Wright said that this digitally connected smart screen network will transform how the teams/parks “connect their technology to their fans (to) enhance the overall consumer experience.”

Beginning this season, the technology for this network will be furnished by Peerless-AV. So what exactly does that mean?

Our company is being integrated into this existing partnership to become the exclusive provider of screen technologies for MiLB, meaning select locations will soon feature several of our digital products. These will include our concourse LCD displays, video boards, and ribbon boards.

Wright explained that our company was selected as a partner because “Peerless-AV’s commitment to be at the forefront of digital display technology aligns perfectly with our vision for being a leader in authentic fan engagement.”

The installation process is already underway and by Opening Day 2020, more than 50 MiLB ballparks are scheduled to feature our technology.

Our team is excited to be partnering with MiLB on this initiative and we share the organization’s goal of increasing fan engagement through innovative technology. We look forward to helping baseball fans make the most of their experiences.

Check out the following video to learn more:

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