Exciting news for building professionals – Peerless-AV® officially has the availability of Building Information Modeling (BIM) content for our products!

Through a new partnership with BIMsmith®, a free cloud platform with a suite of tools for building professionals to discover and download building product data, the new software will create an easier implementation of our solutions for digital designs.

The availability of BIM data means that building professionals can now integrate more realistic models of Peerless-AV products directly into their digital designs. Every digital model will include the data, specifications, and certifications that are needed when designing a building. Additionally, the files are modeled for compatibility with industry standard design tools like Autodesk Revit, which will allow more builders to incorporate Peerless-AV information into their day-to-day at work.

Through this partnership, the entire Peerless-AV BIM library is also accessible to thousands of building professionals on the BIMsmith Market platform, a cloud tool for building product research and selection. Through working with engineers and architects to create Peerless-AV Revit files, we are now able to provide more relevant architecture data and fully interactive models.

Our digital models include a wide selection of display wall mounts, video wall mounts, kiosks, outdoor TVs and more. You can see the entire Peerless-AV BIM library at www.peerless-av.com/BIMlibrary.

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