October marks the start of National Learning and Development Month. Originally founded in 2016 by the Academy of Learning and Development, the organization’s main mission is to provide educational tools and resources to encourage individuals to continue learning.

As an AV designer and manufacturer, Peerless-AV continuously adjusts our approach to product design and installation to make the installation process as simple as possible for our customers. In celebration of the month, we thought we would share insight into our a few of our team’s most unique installations!

Installation Overview

At Peerless-AV, we pride ourselves in the lengths we will go to better serve our customers. To ensure a safe and accurate installation from start to finish, our team offers our SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration Program. The SEAMLESS team consists of structural and mechanical engineers, product and project managers, installers, and other dvLED professionals that offer support at every step of the installation process.

Every installation our team works on requires our team to think outside the box to find the best solution for each installation. A recent example of our dedication to continuous improvement and learning was our work at the Tellus Science Museum.

In July of 2020, our team, alongside LG’s team, was tasked with assisting the museum in Cartersville, Georgia in updating its AV infrastructure. The chosen wall for the display was slanted at an obtuse angle that presented a unique challenge for our installers. From the very beginning, our team of engineers took extra care and precise measurements to ensure the mount was designed perfectly for the chosen wall. It was this precision and dedication that resulted in a simple and effective installation that the museum and its attendees can enjoy for many years to come.

Another example of our innovative thinking was our work with Agua Caliente. The casino’s goal was to truly wow guests with an intricate video wall design. The chosen installation wall was curved and required extra precautions from the installation team. Again, our engineering team carefully took precise measurements to ensure a safe and secure installation process. It is examples like these that encourage our team to change our way of thinking and approach to better serve our clients.

This month, and every month, our team strives to provide solutions to our consumers that are forward-thinking and innovative. It is this dedication that drives our team’s continuous improvement and learning.

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