Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of our AtlanticView™ and XtremeSea™ underwater displays. With this launch, King Triton of the Kingdom of Atlantica, announces his Seal of Mermaid Approval, deeming Peerless-AV the official display provider of the sea.

Completely waterproof and maintenance free, our new AtlanticView™ TVs make it easy and affordable for mermaids, underwater dwellers, and more to add digital entertainment to their underwater living spaces. Available in 49″, 55″, or 65″, the TVs are equipped with an LED backlight to provide a full HD 1080p resolution for bright and crisp visuals that almost double the brightness of an aboveground TV. Plus, there is no worry when it comes to splashing seas, the picture remains clear in any sea storm. The AtlanticView™ TVs also come with a motorized universal remote that swims around the TV, making it easy to control while getting in daily laps. The remote can be programmed to control up to three additional devices as well as be used as a secret recorder for rounding up schools of fish.

Forcommercial use, Peerless-AV’s XtremeSea™ Display offers the ultimate protection against rough seas, schools of fish, massive whales, and rowdy mermaids. Designed for year-round use, the 55″ XtremeSea™ Display relies on a special heating and cooling system that keeps internal components safely warmed in frigid temperatures and properly cooled in warmer temperatures. With anti-reflective, impact-resistant safety glass and an ambient light sensor, the 55″ XtremeSea™ Display is shark-attack proof. Plus, coordinating fish-eye 3D glasses are available for the ultimate experience.

For sunbathing mermaids, Peerless-AV offers its SmartSea™ Articulating Mounting Solutions (SEA752PU). With the SEA752PU, mermaids can extend their display up to 26.47″ or fully-retract it to just 2.97″ from rocks, wood, sand, and more for the perfect viewing position. The seahorse-shaped adaptor and BuoyTilt™ technology allow the mount to be used underwater, at sea level, and on the shores. With the simple flick of a tail, the BuoyTilt™ activates, quickly and easily rising the AtlanticView™ TVs and XtremeSea™ Displays up to the shores for viewing while sunbathing.

As the official display provider of the Kingdom of Atlantica, Peerless-AV’s XtremeSea™ Displays can be seen featured throughout the Siren Theatre, home of the Mer Girls Siren Sound Group and the Eelastic Underwater Polo Team.

“As we enter the height of the underwater polo season, we are thrilled to partner with Peerless-AV to enhance both our theatres and our castles,” said King Triton of the Kingdom of Atlantica. “These new displays are ideal for castle owners and business owners looking to enhance their entertainment spaces at a fraction of the cost.”

Unfortunately, these displays and mounts will never be available through Peerless-AV’s direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network because….

April Fool’s!!!


While the AtlanticView™ TVs, XtremeSea™ Displays, and SmartSea™ Articulating Mounting Solutions are products of our dreams, Peerless-AV’s UltraView™ Outdoor TVs, Xtreme™ Outdoor Displays, and various mounting solutions do provide some of these features – just not under the sea.


Enjoy your April Fool’s! And, try not to get fooled too many times!


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