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Outdoor Signage: Overcoming Environmental


Outdoor digital signage is a powerful tool for a wide variety of uses, such as advertising, wayfinding, menu boards, and more. However, outdoor digital signage is only as effective as its preparedness and resilience against environmental challenges. Here are common hurdles of outdoor signage and the solutions to overcome them for quality outdoor signage year-round.

Challenge: The unpredictability of nature can lead to digital signage solutions facing scorching heat and freezing temperatures. The technology must be durable to withstand both extremes, while still providing top-notch visibility.

Solution: Invest in technology designed to thrive in environments of all kinds. Solutions with a wide range of operational temperatures, from subzero to triple digits, can ensure your signage lasts throughout the seasons without sacrificing visual appeal for customers, people navigating, or outdoor entertainment.

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Challenge: Outdoor signage is subject to high winds, heavy rainfall, and snow. This makes the solution susceptible to debris carried by the wind and the corrosive effects of precipitation which can all compromise the quality of signage, causing poor visibility, and operational issues.

Solution: Opt for tech solutions with an IP rating of 66 or higher when shopping for digital signage products. The IP66 rating certifies that the technology is resistant to debris as it is dust-tight. It also guarantees protection against high volumes of water from any angle. This rating ensures safety from dust and water ingress, ultimately maintaining internal components for long-term, effective usage.

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Challenge: Natural lighting that changes throughout the day can create significant challenges for the visibility of content, such as glare and decreased legibility. Conventional displays may struggle to adapt to varying lighting levels, leading to messages, important information, or images being lost.

Solution: Seek out a display designed to thrive in all types of lighting — day, night, direct sun, or clouds. Solutions with full UHD specifications can significantly improve the appearance of digital signage as its sharper images, enhanced color clarity, and high contrast can thrive even in harsh lighting. Additionally, displays equipped with polarized technology can reduce glare for varying lighting conditions, or even when viewers are wearing sunglasses to ensure crystal-clear visuals no matter what.

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Outdoor digital signage is a dynamic component of effective communication for businesses and organizations of all kinds. By understanding and expecting these environmental challenges faced by outdoor solutions, operators can ensure their outdoor signage remains reliable, high-quality, and safe through any season.

To learn more about Peerless-AV and our line of all-weather-certified digital signage solutions, please visit www.peerless-av.com.

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