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With all the constant evolution within the AV industry, we even see current technology developing with new and innovative purposes to further connect our world. Here are just a few unique pieces of technology, new and revamped, we’ve been loving.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity, integrators will continue to develop ways to use AI to create a more seamless user experience. Some solutions include built-in AI directors to enhance remote communication by automatically changing camera angles, determining the best shot to display, and analyzing audio content in real-time. Smart devices with voice recognition are also on the rise as AI opens new possibilities for AV functionality.

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Visuals reaching a new level

We know a digital element can add an immersive touch to signage. This can grow even further with 3D holographic solutions. High-definition holographic content appears as if it’s suspended in mid-air, adding a new dimension to modern signage. Sure to be eye-catching, 3D imagery can gain attention for commercial ads, wayfinding, or other special announcements in a much more captivating way.

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Advancements to touchless AV

Contactless services through the use of AV displays have remained popular in recent years. Now, with further development, more AV solutions are beginning to incorporate gesture control into devices as well. A simple wave can begin an interactive experience for the viewer, creating a modern, touchless way to interact with technology.

Extended Reality and the Metaverse

Developing AV solutions that can provide a captivating experience for extended reality and metaverse users will also continue to rise. Gartner predicts that 40% of companies will use a combination of augmented reality and the metaverse by 2027. This means the AV industry will play a key role in providing high-quality audio and high-resolution visual elements. This will add to the immersive involvement these technologies offer.

While there are so many new innovations to explore within the AV world, these have been some of our favorites! We look forward to learning more ways technology will build better connections and advance how we use AV solutions.

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