Peerless-AV® Introduces New 1×2 Freestanding Desktop Stand for Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors

We are excited to share the introduction of our new 1×2 Freestanding Desktop Stand for Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors, our latest addition to our family of monitor mounting solutions. This product offers a secure solution for the most unique desktop setups.

Perfect for gaming and streaming, security, control rooms, and trade market applications, the new freestanding desk mount (LCT650SD) offers a functional and convenient mounting solution for 24″ to 49″ ultra-wide curved monitors. Designed to allow monitors to be stacked in a 1×2 layout, the mount features a height-adjustable column to provide proper spacing for monitor stacking – maximizing the ability to simultaneously view multiple sources.

The built-in adjustment knob allows the user to precisely position the monitors and eliminate any gap between the bezels, while the bolt Hook-and-Hang™ design allows for quick installation and removal when monitors need to be swapped out quickly.

The stand’s low profile, slim base provides sturdy support for mounted monitors up to 60lbs in total. Internal cable management conceals all cabling for a clean look and clutter-free installation – ideal for any workspace, whether you’re at home or in-office.

The Freestanding Desktop Stand for Ultra-Wide Curved Monitors (LCT650SD) is available for purchase directly through and authorized distribution networks.

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