It’s hard to believe it’s the 17th of January already. And, believe it or not, today is a unique holiday.

It’s Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day! With that in mind, we’re checking in with our thought leaders to learn more about their resolutions and to see if they are sticking with them.


Peerless-AV’s New Year’s Resolutions


My parents always taught me the importance of respect and equality, which is something I want to share with my daughter. Sacrificing your time for the greater good and others is a wonderful way to express this. We haven’t volunteered yet this year, but I’m definitely not ditching this resolution!



All my life my mom told me to follow my dreams and this is exactly what I have done. This advice has led me to have a successful career and happy home life. This year, I want to pursue checking more things off my bucket list—especially with a trip. I have always wanted to see more of the U.S. I haven’t planned the trip yet, but certainly plan to do so.


  My mother always said: “Life is short, enjoy it!” This advice has pushed me to work hard, play hard, and spend as much time with my loved ones as I can. And this is something that I want to keep up this year. I was able to spend time with my three children over the holidays and look forward to continuing doing so all year long.



A simple resolution, but it is so necessary. More water means more energy, less headaches, and it is simply good for your health. I plan to keep an eye on my health this year so that I can keep up with all the things I enjoy, personally and professionally, with energy.



For 2018, I have set a goal for myself to increase my presence in the AV industry and meet new players in the space. When I was younger, my mother stressed the importance of having compassion for everyone, and with compassion you inevitably build long lasting relationships. I have taken this advice to heart in my professional career and it has led me to where I am today. I always look forward to attending industry events and networking opportunities, and this year, I am working towards expanding the number of events I attend as well as my involvement level at each event.


What is your New Year’s Resolution? Are you sticking with it or ditching it!?


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