SR898 Flat Panel Cart Classroom

Introducing New State-of-the-Art SmartMount®


Rolling into the forefront of new innovative products from Peerless-AV® are the SR860 and SR898 SmartMount® Flat Panel Carts.

Whether it’s time to ditch the squeaky carts wheeling around the office or an opportunity to give students and teachers an amazing way to display information, these new carts are a fantastic solution. 

Display Size and Structure Features

These brand-new carts are perfect for supporting a wide array of displays. The SR860 supports 43″ to 75″+ displays and has a max load of 125 lbs. Meanwhile, the SR898 supports 55″ to 110″+ displays and has a max load of 300 lbs. 

SR860 Flat Panel Cart with Display

For a display cart to truly be successful one of the most essential features is convenient and simple height adjustment features. The display can be positioned 49″ to 65″ from the floor. This is ideal for adhering to different individual heights and making the display more visible in a large room. 

SR898 Flat Panel Cart back

When putting together these carts, both feature an easy assembly that requires only one tool. You can watch the full instructional assembly video here.

Reduced Size and Ease of Use

The SR860 and SR898 are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Both models have a sleek, elegant, tubular, and modern design which means they will blend nicely into any room. This same design framework also makes it easy to transport the mounted display to different locations. 

The carts can glide through doorways as narrow as 30″ wide, making them perfect for taking room-to-room. These solutions are also built with 4″ dual-wheeled casters that meet UL specifications for safe and easy maneuverability. It’s now easy to push the cart across different surfaces or over thresholds. 

SR860 Flat Panel Cart doorway

For interactive presentations, these carts also offer more space around the legs to make movement around the display easier. This also adheres to ADA standards for accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs. When using the display, there is also a convenient 32″ x 11″ fixed shelf to set laptops, notebooks, pens, etc. 

SR898 wheelchair ADA compliant

At the end of the day when it’s time to put away the carts, the frame design allows for nesting carts together to reduce the overall footprint. 

SR898 Flat Panel Cart nesting

Hidden Cable Management and Removable Rear Cover

When it comes to the perfect cart, rolling over wires is less than ideal. 

The new SR860 and SR898 carts come with hidden cable management. There is a hinged rear cover near the bottom of the solution that is perfect for storing the power cable when the cart is being moved or stored.

SR898 Flat Panel Cart hidden cable management

It’s an excellent way of ensuring no damage to the preinstalled, 20ft, 3-outlet power cord. All cable tubing also is built to run up the legs of the design. 

SR898 cable management

On the back of the cart is a removable rear cover. This innovation is designed to sit behind the display to conceal any cabling, media players, and mini PCS. The result is a more put-together, visually appealing solution that looks attractive from both sides. This cover is also made from ABS plastic, which means it won’t interfere with Wi-Fi signals. 

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