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How AV Can Set Businesses Up for Success for The Big Game

The big game is at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona this weekend, and sports fans across the country will be gathering in restaurants, bars, and other sports venues to watch. With the help of audio visual and digital signage solutions, restaurant and bar owners can prepare their space for this increase in traffic to create an environment that is fun and optimal for their customers’ viewing pleasure.

Is your business ready for the big game? Check out our tips below to ensure a successful weekend.

Evaluate Your Current AV

The last thing your business wants to worry about on game day is its AV equipment. Whether it’s upgrading your outdoor TVs, checking that your audio is top-notch, or looking for a mount that offers flexibility and mobility ahead of the big day. Take the time to evaluate your business’ current set-up to ensure an atmosphere that is optimal for your customers’ viewing pleasure.

If your establishment’s TVs are placed in areas that make viewing difficult, you may want to upgrade your TV mounts to offer flexibility. If your business is located in an environment where outdoor dining or entertaining is feasible, be cautious of external factors, such as sun glares, weather, or insects, and the impact these factors could have on your technology. When there’s an outdoor space for entertainment, take the time to upgrade to an outdoor TV if you have not already!

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Create New Menu Offerings

Each year thousands of football fans flock to restaurants, bars, and other establishments to watch the big game surrounded by other fans. To elevate the experience for these patrons, offering new menu items like team-specific drink specialties or football-themed apps and food choices may increase the likelihood of sales and leave the customers with an overall positive experience from the business and environment.

Additionally, with the use of digital menu boards or interactive kiosks, establishments can create dynamic displays throughout the game to continuously engage and entertain customers during commercials or other downtimes. The ease of digital content offers endless opportunities to create lasting memories and fun for all who attend.

Digital Menu Board Restaurant Beer Offerings

Get Creative with Your Digital Signage

The days of static, dull, and outdated signage are gone. With the help of digital signage, your brand can create colorful, eye-catching advertisements that encourage customers to stop by your restaurant or shop. From promoting your store’s game-day discounts that weekend to showing your support for the teams, have fun with the content you are sharing during the eventful weekend.

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