Going the Extra Mile with Digital Signage

At Peerless-AV®, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have the best experience possible. Over the past year, many businesses have turned to digital signage to keep their customers informed and safe during the pandemic. With over a decade of experience in the AV industry, I’ve learned the importance of going the extra mile to ensure you are exceeding customer’s needs. Below, I’ve outlined my best tips for AV professionals or customers looking to incorporate digital signage solutions into their business.

Look to the Experts

When it comes to installing signage, it is essential to work with a diverse team of experts. There are many important factors to consider, like installation precautions, mounts, and technical features, and working with professionals will eliminate any mishaps, making the entire process as easy as possible. These experts can provide insight on these factors as well as a variety of solutions and perspectives to create a successful installation.

Our team at Peerless-AV looks to provide everything from consultation, delivery, on-site support, and more. Where possible, I encourage our customers to utilize our installation support and ask that our team is on-site for larger installations. This gives both us and the customer an advantage in learning and understanding products, including technical features, product differences, and even competition.

Sherlock Elementary School installs curved OLED Video Walls
Sherlock Elementary School

Ask for On-Site Support

In addition to making the entire installation process simpler, on-site support helps to build a stronger relationship between customers or partners. Being physically present makes it much easier for the customer to communicate their specific needs, allowing the AV team to provide the best solution possible.

Not only does on-site support streamline the entire process, but it also helps build brand reputation. This trust and credibility lead to word-of-mouth referrals and, in turn, new and repeat business.

Tellus Science Museum installs dvLED Video Wall
Tellus Science Museum

Be Precise

A precise installation team will double and triple check dimensions and micro-manage to ensure every step of the process is smooth. AV teams are there to make your digital signage aspirations a reality, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

My team and I do everything we can to get the job done, putting the time and effort in, answering queries, providing advice, and working closely with partners and customers, all hours of the day. Being passionate enough about what you do is key to making the right connections and setting yourself up for success.

Agua Caliente Casino installs custom dvLED Video Walls
Agua Caliente Casino

No digital signage project is the same, especially when it comes to complex dvLED video wall integration, but partnering with trusted suppliers willing to go the extra mile will help to make each stage of the installation process as simple as possible.

Contact our Sales Team to find out how we can support your next dream project – no matter how large or small. Visit our case studies page and SEAMLESS dvLED Video Wall Integration page to find out more about our recent standout digital signage projects.

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