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Getting Schooled in All Things Classroom Tech

It’s back-to-school season, which means it can sometimes be a scramble to secure schools with everything needed for a successful education experience. Whether that’s students running into the office supply store for a couple of last-minute pens and notebooks, teachers grabbing dry-erase markers, or schools getting ahead of all the newest AV trends, it’s a time full of preparation.

Classrooms have advanced a lot over the last couple of decades. Many chalkboards became dry-erase boards, digital projectors got mounted in classrooms, and gorgeous dvLED displays or other forms of digital signage greeted people as they walked into the building. 

Check out all the tech needed to keep classrooms running this fall. Whether it’s a K-12 private or public school, college, or university, we’ve got the technology to advance the environment. That can include anything from a library to lunchrooms to classrooms to lecture halls to lobbies to auditoriums to gymnasiums. 

Adjustable Carts

When it comes to technology in a classroom, one of the most versatile solutions would be a display cart. 

This would allow an instructor to move a display around the room or even to other rooms in the building. It is ideal for meetings or large presentations, but also for everyday teaching.

The SmartMount® Motorized Height Adjustable Flat Panel Cart, the SmartMount® Motorized Height Adjustable Tabletop Cart, or the SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart for 32″ to 75″ Displays are all perfect options. 

SR598 cart classroom application photo

Projector Mounts

It’s one of the classic staple supplies in a classroom — a projector mount. It’s one of the easiest tech tools to navigate but can help create an interactive and easy-to-follow classroom experience. 

We offer a PRGS Projector Mount for Projectors up to 50lb makes adjustment simple and easy. 

projector mount in university setting

Video Walls

One large-scale way to do a full transformation at a school is to install an LCD or dvLED video wall. 

It can turn a long, boring hallway into an avenue for sharing important announcements or celebrating student accomplishments. It can also be a great way to create a remote learning experience at a university. 

Our 96-Student dvLED concave video wall at a world-renowned university shows just how this kind of technology can unite people into a single classroom, despite being miles away from each other. You can read more about that, here.

We offer a wide variety of dvLED mounting systems thanks to our innovative and supportive SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV program. This program offers start-to-finish support on even the most difficult installations.

Meanwhile, elementary students at Sherlock School in Cicero, Illinois get to enjoy several different LCD video displays scattered around the school. It makes for a more exciting, engaging, and even interactive learning experience. You can learn more about that incredible case study, here.

world-renowned university dvLED video wall classroom tech installation


While classrooms can easily be considered the most important part of a school, creating a welcoming environment in every corner makes students more excited to get an education.

A kiosk with a directory at a college or a smaller kiosk in the lunchroom makes for a more convenient and more advanced environment. When it comes to kiosks, there’s a lot to pick from. 

We offer the Outdoor Smart City Kiosks, which are perfect for any outdoor signage needs, as well as Portrait Back-to-Back Kiosks or Landscape/Portrait Kiosks for 15”, 22”, or 32” Displays, which are suited for any indoor use. 

Smart City Kiosk university application

Here at Peerless-AV, we want to make sure students have all the tools necessary to succeed and educators have the proper technology to elevate the classroom experience. 

Check out our full fleet of products perfect for education settings by checking out our collection on the website or our brochure. 

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