With millions of people watching from home and over one million people expected to attend this year’s Super Bowl, it’s undeniable that this is an extremely popular sporting event. From an AV perspective, the stadium that hosts the game will need to have large displays that can provide visuals of each football play to fans all throughout the stands and at home. Super Bowl LIII (53) will be held in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium – and it is more than up to the task.

For one, there are standard menu boards at concession stands and displays that border stadium seats for advertising purposes, which can be seen in the photo below.


A Plethora of Screens

Even more impressive, there are 2,000 TV screens placed around the stadium for those who prefer to watch the game from the comfort of a luxurious room. The stadium’s clubs and suites offer dining areas, first-class amenities, climate-controlled temperatures, and comfortable seating, so it’s understandable why some attendees would choose to relax there. But since most of these rooms are somewhat removed from the playing area, the abundant TV screens ensure that no one has to miss any of the action down on the field.

A Digital Pillar

Another very cool feature of Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the “Mega-Column” near one of the stadium entrances. This digital pillar is 101 feet tall –  making it possible to see the four-sided graphics from the ground as well as from nearby skybridges (which are ‘bridges’ high up in the stadium with views of the Atlanta skyline and field). At 6,700 total square feet, this column has more square footage than over 15 other NFL teams’ main video displays, according to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium website.

A Circle of Sights

With all of that tech, it’s hard to believe there is more, but the stadium’s most distinguishable audio-visual feat is its “Halo Board” – a 360-degree video board that hangs from the top of the stadium’s roof. This display provides 63,000 square feet of HD content that can be easily read from anywhere in the stands, thanks to its 58-foot height. Rather than a standard flat screen, the circular design is a creative format for the delivery of everything from live action to player stats. As Chief Technology Officer of AMB Sports & Entertainment, Jared Miller explained in this Venues Now article, “Our goal (was) to provide an unparalleled fan experience, something completely different.”

Despite all of these displays and other high-tech features, the stadium worked hard to be environmentally-conscious, and was awarded with a LEED Platinum certification for environmental friendliness.

We’re proud to say that we are also part of the action, with mounting solutions installed throughout the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, too. So, if you’re attending this year’s big game in this impressive stadium, make sure to check out the numerous displays that are proudly mounted by Peerless-AV solutions!

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