Today is National Puppy Day and we’re celebrating by featuring photos sent in by the Peerless-AV team.

Keep scrolling to see the many adorable furry faces!

Pup’s Name: Layla Dahm, one year old and beautiful!

My Name & Department: Dave Dahm, Sales

Why I love my dog: Layla is the most beautiful, happiest, loving puppy and an important family member. She makes our house a home!


Pup’s Name: Bella (#1)

My Name & Department: Ashley Zick, Sales

Why I love my dog: Bella will do anything for a treat and loves to cuddle!


Pup’s Name: Bella (#2), 4-month-old female Blue Nose Pitbull

My Name & Department: Richard Erickson, Engineering

Why I love my dog: I love seeing Bella’s excitement when walking in the door after coming home from work.  I love Bella’s playfulness, energy, curiosity and when she wants simply sit in my lap and be loved.


Pup’s Name: Lola

My Name & Department: Quinshaun Herron, Human Resources

Why I love my dog: I love my dog because she’s a great workout partner. At least once a week we go on a 2 mile run (All of which is led by Lola lol!).


Pup’s Name: Murphy

My Name & Department: Rachael Hinds, Marketing

Why I love my dog: Murphy has the best personality because he is funny, playful, and loveable all at the same time.  We do everything together & I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Pups’ Names: Rocky and Rocco

My Name & Department: Yesenia Martinez, Marketing

Why I love my dog: I love my dogs, because they love to cuddle, play and keep us entertained with their playful antics.  They are so loyal and never leave our side.


Pup’s Name: Rory Dutta

My Name & Department: Megan Dutta, MarComm

Why I love my dog: Rory is small but mighty – she may only weigh 12 pounds but she can hike four miles with us!  Her silly, happy personality keeps our spirits up.


Pup’s Name: Daisy

My Name & Department: John Johnson, Sales

Why I love my dog: Daisy is part of the family and we love to spoil her.  I love coming home to her happy face!


Last but not least is my dog, Magnum Potts.  Magnum is the superhero of dogs!  He is the most loyal companion and best friend you could ask for.


Happy National Puppy Day! Celebrate with us by sharing pics of your pooches in the comments.








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