Picture this: you are rushing to catch a flight home for the holidays in an airport you have not been to previously. You arrive at your terminal and find yourself in an unfamiliar setting with minutes to spare to get checked in and through security.

We’ve all been there and can relate to that feeling of panic that sets in when you realize you don’t know where you are going, but you need to get there fast. With little time to waste, there is nothing more frustrating than getting lost in a sea of people with no direction in sight.

This situation, especially in mass transit applications, where thousands of travelers are moving through stations and terminals on a daily basis, is becoming a thing of the past. Where the only options for travelers was relying on static signs, customer service booths, or following the crowd, travelers now have the opportunity to navigate through transit settings like never before.

By utilizing digital signage, both indoors and outdoors, transit facilities can offer numerous benefits to travelers, including reducing perceived wait times, utilizing wait times to share information, and easing travel with directional signage and trip updates – all leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Indoor Displays & Applications

The entryways to train stations and airports tend to receive the most traffic of any location in the facilities. These locations are where guests check in and out, where they enter and exit the airport, and oftentimes, where they meet their friends, family, and co-workers. Therefore, these spots are the perfect places to share pertinent information with guests. However, grabbing a visitor’s attention with so much going on can be difficult.

Through eye-catching displays and consistently changing content, though, digital signage meets this need, providing travelers with up-to-date travel information for a seamless experience. They can also be used to provide ticketing, navigation, emergency alerts, and entertainment.

Additionally, implementing wayfinding and self-service kiosks allow travelers to check themselves in, print tickets, locate facilities, and much more. The kiosks also enhance the customer experience, reduce staffing costs, and more efficiently utilize resources.


Enhancing the Passenger Experience

During heavy travel periods, there are more opportunities for passengers to get lost and frustrated. Non-commuters, like those visiting family, are not going to be as familiar as the frequent business traveler and will have a more difficult time finding their way. Digital signage can help alleviate some of this struggle by providing route options.

In addition to the entryways, implementing digital signage in central areas or heavily traveled sections of a transit facility is also key. It’s necessary to have these options in plain sight where travelers can easily navigate to the display and obtain the information they are seeking.


With a multitude of customization options, transit facilities can implement branded kiosks and displays with interactive capabilities like touchscreens, credit card readers and receipt printers, and sound, to display passenger information. For instance, if there are delays, construction, or closures, directions can be displayed to help reroute passengers. Digital signage can help facilitate passengers during emergencies – one of the most important features of digital signage. Whether it’s a fire, or a serious evacuation situation, travelers will know what to do, where to go, and where the nearest exit is through digital signage.


Technology is ever-changing and communications and services must keep up with the times. Today, it’s hard to find someone who does not have some type of mobile device on them at all times. By developing an application or incorporating mobile integration, the convenience factor is even more prevalent and valuable to the traveler, especially at airports. Benefits like checking in and out, checking flight information, submitting a cancelation, and requesting services become readily available and especially faster when they are right at your fingertips.


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